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In 2022 I graduated from the KABK as a textile designer. In my generation where recycling, upcycling, sustainability and other ecological terminology has become commonplace, I have been inspired by everyday materials that are often overlooked. The materials I use are sustainable and are recycled for a new purpose.
Living in the largest female student house in the Netherlands with 36 girls, I got my inspiration from the daily household, where I started researching different materials, ecosystems and waste. Astonished by the daily production of this waste, I want to create awareness by taking the materials out of their original context and producing something new. Looking at the energy use of such a large household and placing it in the broader context of this time, I came across the fluff of the dryer, two of which are in continuous use in this house. Collecting this fluff gave me insight into the clothes that are worn every season of the year. With the full harvest of 2021-2022, I show up close in my work how a hectic household compares,

not only in clothing waste but also in hair residue and leftovers from the house.

With the tufting technique, I put the machine to the test during material research, so that I see many possibilities. For example, I have transformed plastic supermarket bags, garbage bags and old clothing into material. Each work contains a wink with a typical student text. With the chosen material and the multiple clothing packages that I receive from this large household every day, I want to emphasize the polluting aspects of the clothing industry, which have a major impact every day, both noticed and unnoticed.